www.Korean-Drama.ru - Korean Drama Dedicated or Shared Hosting?

www.Korean-Drama.ru resolves to the IP


www.Korean-Drama.ru is hosted by the ISP JSC Mastertel in Moscow / Russian Federation.
We found that on the IP of www.Korean-Drama.ru 2 more websites are hosted.

More information about www.korean-drama.ru

Hostname: s87.unet.com
IP address:
Country: Russian Federation
State: Moscow City
City: Moscow
Postcode: 121087
Latitude: 55.752200
Longitude: 37.615600
ISP: JSC Mastertel
Organization: JSC Mastertel
Local Time: 2018-10-23 04:21

this could be dedicated or shared hosting (8/10)
What is dedicated hosting? What is shared hosting?

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www.Korean-Drama.ru seems to be located on shared hosting on the IP address from the Internet Service Provider JSC Mastertel located in Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation. The shared hosting IP of appears to be hosting 2 additional websites along with www.Korean-Drama.ru.